Police Future Committee

The New Salem Selectboard charges this committee with:

-Examining the potential issues caused by new legislation regarding training for police officers in MA.

-Create an informational brochure that adequately addresses the primary concerns of this committee 

-Create a draft town survey, to determine opinions on issues related to this committee, which will be presented to the Selectboard  

-Send the approved by Selectboard town survey out to all town residents

-Evaluate survey data 

-Collect call volume and response time data 

-Evaluate call volume and response time 

-Evaluate the pros and cons of each possible model of policing 

-Write a proposal that incorporates town needs, community input, and police legislation and present to the Selectboard.

-Given the results of the study, the Selectboard would develop a plan cooperatively with the New Salem Police and possibly partners from other local police departments, creating a model within one year of receiving the proposal.


Committee Members