Welcome to New Salem

New Salem located in Franklin County, is the sixth largest town in size in Massachusetts with a total area of 59 square miles, including nearly 14 square miles of the Quabbin Reservoir. The Town Center is located off Rte 202 which runs north-south between Rte 2 and Rte 9. It is situated on a high hill and features one of the most scenic traditional town commons in the state. Smaller villages within other areas of town include North New Salem, South New Salem, Morse Village, Quimby, Cooleyville, and Hagerville.  Elevations range from 524 feet above sea level at the surface of the Quabbin Reservoir to 1,281 feet at the top of Packard Mountain.  These elevations provide several outlooks throughout with stunning views of the surrounding areas, particularly of the Quabbin. New Salem's history began on December 31, 1734 when the General Court granted a township six miles square to 60 residents of Salem, who then set about recruiting settlers.  New Salem became a frontier and agrarian settlement that was governed by Salem until it was incorporated on June 15,1753.  Although our population has continued to increase over the past few decades, New Salem remains a quiet, rural town that is primarily residential.