Online Bill Lookup & Payment


Clicking the Online Tax Payment & Lookup link above will take you to the new portal to find and pay bills and view your billing history. Once you place bills in your cart and proceed through checkout, you will be taken to UNIPAY to process your payment as before.

  • Pay by credit/debit card or bank account.
  • Be sure to enter the year shown on the bill you are paying (which may not be the same as the current year.)

New Features:

- Your payments, whether by mail, 24 hr. tax payment dropbox, online, or in-person, are updated weekly and reflected in your online balance.

- A report of all taxes paid in a given calendar year for filing income taxes can be created using the following steps:

  1. Click the Online Bill Payment & Lookup link above.

  2. On the search page, check the IRS Payment Records for Year 2022 button before entering your name to search for your bills. 

  3. A list of bills that had payments in 2022 will appear. Check the IRS box to include all of them in the report, or just check the box next to the individual payments you want to include in the report.

  4. Click the View IRS button that will appear, and you will see a report of the 2022 payments you selected.

Note: right-click on the report to output it to a printer or as a PDF (using Microsoft Print to Pdf or Save to pdf or similar options that may be available in your dropdown list of printers.)

Motor Vehicle Excise Bills:

Current Motor Vehicle Excise bills can be paid online at the link above.

Once the bills are turned over to the Deputy Collector, AP Jones, they will be marked "Pay bill to Deputy Collector @," and payments must then be made through their payment system at Deputy Tax Collector

24-Hour Drop Box:

A 24-hour tax payment Drop Box is located in front of the New Salem Town Hall at 15 South Main Street. Non-cash payments only. Postal Money Orders may be used instead of cash.